Mission statement

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Primary mission

As Vereniging Aardehuis Oost Nederland it is our intention to build, work, live in our homes and in our lives in harmony with nature, in constructive relationship with one another and as a source of inspiration to the world around us. This goal is to be realized through the construction of an ecological housing project of self-sufficient Earth-houses whereby all aspects of sustainability are taken into consideration and balanced with each forming a harmonious whole.


Secondary mission: Planet - Ecological.

  • The project makes optimal use (and re-use) of local existing waste materials, resource commodities and natural processes.
  • Project households and communal systems are fully self sufficient in terms of energy, water and sanitation.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of residents to a fraction of the Dutch average.


People - Social

Achieving a form of 'Community Living'

  • Where solidarity is an underlining guiding principle - this is reflected in the pursuit of environmentally friendly building and living, which is in principle accessible to all budgets.
  • Where communal property is shared and cared for collectively.
  • Where mutual respect, open communication and shared responsibility is balanced naturally with individual freedom.


Profit - Economical

  • The project has an educational objective to promote a sustainable lifestyle in general, and CO2-neutral building and housing in particular.
  • The project as small scale employment and housing combined. This employment is largely created thro
    ugh the creation of educational and recreational projects.