aardehuizenThe Aardehuizen can be found at the Rietgors in the area Zonnekamp-Oost of Olst, The Netherlands.

By Train

The project can be found in the south of Olst at walking distance from the train-station (approximately 10 mins.) next to the train-tracks.

  • Leave the station and turn left, Stationsweg. Continue walking parallel to the train-tracks in the direction of Deventer (southbound).
  • Continue on the Joke Smitlaan.
  • Continue straight ahead via a bicycle track (Zonnekamp-Oost). The round domes on our houses are visible in the South.


20131018 aardehuis 0004

By car

As our streetname "Rietgors" cannot be found on roadsigns or navigation systems, instead use: Kneu, Olst.

  • Take the turn Olst-Zuid coming from the N337;
  • Follow signs "Bouwverkeer Zonnekamp-Oost", the streetname is Kneu and becomes Vink;
  • This road has some very sharp bends, follow the Vink untill you see the project on your right hand side;
  • Park the car at the parking lot.

The whole project is a private area, thank you for respecting our peoples privacy.

The project cannot be entered by car, instead leave the car at the parking lot.

The project can only be visited during guided tours or when participating at an other organised event.