Last hulls Earth houses completed!

blok 9 aardehuisThe weeks between St. Nicolas and Christmas are often messy in which we still want to finish everything quickly.  But on 18th December 2014 a final signal sounded  in the Earth houses project, where everybody who ever had been involved, has been looking forward to for a long, sometimes very long time. For on that day the last two houses completed hull and this put an end to the shell building of the earth houses. 

That date was down on the list at the drafting of the building plans, including some tough decisions, for the second part of the district.   The fact that it is really going to happen, is a small miracle in itself – for a building project......And of course it underlines how we as inhabitants, professionals, volunteers and other partners and supporters went for it, boots and all to achieve our common goal.

Gemeenschapshuis in aanbouw

Not that the work is done now; certainly not.  In the first place the finish in most homes is far from complete and in some cases we even have to make a start.  Secondly, there is the community hall which needs to be erected expeditiously as hull by a team of professionals and then will be phased out by the residents.  I am sure that this will be done with gained confidence and available creativity and will result in something special. Furthermore, the roofs of the newer homes, and also of all the domes, are waiting for a growing season before the start of their green life. Next, there is still a lot on the program for the outdoor space and collective infrastructure like paths and roads, lighting, own water supply, and all the collective greenery.  Of a different order than the realization of 23 inhabitable dwellings, but essential for the appearance and function of a residential area of ecological cut. 

After the bell for the last round of masonry sounded on 18th December 2014, first a broom team came in action to clean up the building site.  After that, a period began which many could not begin to imagine how that would be: 6 weeks off!!!  Six weeks without a weekly building day.  After an ongoing process that lasted for 3 years.  We will be alert to any signs of withdrawal.  But above all, this welcome break marks the perseverance that has become a kind of signature of the whole project.  And how messy these wintery weeks might become, the point of these houses in Olst has been made, as clear as sunlight!